• Dear Visitors, Our Present and Future Customers,

    A heartfelt welcome to the website of the  Békés Sausage and Békés Meat Company Ltd. Allow me to briefly introduce you to our family business. My father had been working in the meat industry for several decades;  when,  after the regime change in 1989, he realised that traditional Hungarian flavours had somehow disappeared from our cuisine. This realisation prompted him to found our family enterprise, obviously filling a gap in the market.  The company set out as their objective the revival of our cuisine, which was on the decline at the time. Interestingly enough,  at the beginning – due to the dietary customs prevailing in the 1990’s –  only a relatively small number of customers were buying our products, that have now become popular country-wide and blend the finest of the sausage making traditions of Békés County with the most modern production technologies. Luckily, an increasing number of people are realizing the importance of good quality local ingredients when it comes to food. The Sausage Festival of Békéscsaba meant a real break-through, bringing recognition to our products within the county, and later in the whole of the country. Demand has been growing at an increasing rate ever since, together with the size of our plant. However, we never lost sight of the values that drew our customers to us in the first place:  traditional flavours, high quality ingredients and premium products. Although our plant is compliant with the European Union’s regulations, we only use excellent quality Hungarian pork in production, and still preserve our delicacies solely by using salt and smoke, without any artificial additives. Our most popular product has to be the ’kuláré’, a type of thick dry sausage,  named after the swine colon  in which it is filled. Another rarity of ours is a thick dry sausage filled into a Hungarian tricolor cloth casing. The Békés thin dry sausage is loved by many, as well. The Békés Szalámi, a thick salami filled into cattle intestine and 10-13 cms in diameter, was introduced to the public during the 2011 Sausage Festival of Békéscsaba and has gained great popularity since. The ’parasztsonka’ (farm ham), ’kolozsvári szalonna’ (dry marinated streaky smokey bacon of Kolozsvár, made of pork belly),  ’sült pörc’ (deep fried pork skin) and ’sült császárszalonna’ (deep fried Hungarian streaky smokey bacon) have caused many delightful culinary moments.  Those gourmets wanting to taste our home-made liver paté, layered pork knuckle or smokey cooked streaky bacon can do so by visiting our shop or one of  our retail partners.

    To our delight our products have now been distributed across the country. Our business is exclusively Hungarian-owned and our bacons and smoked sausages have been  successful across Hungary , as well as abroad. I would like to thank you for your attention and please do visit our shop or one of our retail partners to taste the Sausage, Bacon, Liver paté and Salami of Békés.

    Yours Faithfully,

    István Kovács